Haolun Xu


Haolun Xu is a Chinese-American writer based in New Jersey and New York who focuses on poetry and fiction. Born in Nanning, China, he immigrated to the United States in 1999. He was raised in central New Jersey and recently finished a B.A. in English/Political Science at Rutgers University.

Haolun’s writing has previously been published in New Ohio Review, Oyez Review, and more. He is most recently a finalist for the 2020 Janet B. McCabe Prize, hosted by Ruminate Magazine. However, see below for a complete list of publications and awards. He will also be a 2021 Poet-In-Residence for Centrum.

Haolun is currently part of the editorial staff for the literary journal, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review. He has also been featured at the Zimmerli Art Museum in New Brunswick for his journalistic work, and part of the Spring 2019 Symposium on Chinese cultural history and memory.

For contact, please email Haolun at: haolun2@gmail.com

Feel free also to connect with him on Twitter, he is always open to conversing and chatting. Handle: @haolun1




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