Selected Publications



“Lavender Sequence.” Meridian, Issue 45 (Spring 2021)

Three Poems. Anti-Heroin Chic, Issue 19 (Spring 2021)

“The King Of Dragonflies.” Coffin Bell Journal, Issue 4 (Spring 2021)


“Ode To Endless Night.” Gordon Square Review, Issue 7 (Fall 2020) *Nominated for the 2021 Pushcart Prize

“The Heart As Parabola.” Ruminate Magazine, Issue 57: Mend (Fall 2020)

“First Memory.” Dryland Literary Journal (Fall 2020) *Nominated for the 2021 Pushcart Prize

“Echo Wall.” Toho Journal (Spring 2020)

“Vitamin Factory.” Oyez Review, Issue 47 (Spring 2020)

“A Good Citizen Is A Hawk.” Gyroscope Review, Issue 20-2 (Spring 2020) *Nominated for the 2021 Pushcart Prize

“Resignation Of A Photographer.” The Ilanot Review, Volume 19 (Spring 2020)

“Line Segments, Counting.” Digging Through The Fat, Volume 7 (Spring 2020)

“Mold On Careful String.” High Shelf Press. (Spring 2020)

“Monologue Of…” Death Rattle, (Spring 2020) *Nominated for 2020 Best of the Net

“You Start To Grow Old.” New Ohio Review, (Spring 2020)

“Ashland.” iō Literary Journal, Online Issue 3. (Spring 2020)

Forthcoming publications in:

“Rules Of Gargantua.” Witness (forthcoming)

“Blue River Myrrh.” Raleigh Review (forthcoming)

“House Of Endurance.” Bellevue Literary Review (forthcoming)

“The Rabbit Is Not A Strong Gamble.” The Spectacle (forthcoming)


“The Mountains Are Laughing.” The Florida Review. (Forthcoming 2021)

“Circles At High Noon.” Dryland Literary Journal (Fall 2020)

“The Diver.” Ocotillo Review (Fall 2020)