Selected Publications


Forthcoming publications in:

Two Poems, Electric Literature.

One Poem, Gulf Coast.

“The Rabbit Is Not A Strong Gamble.” The Spectacle.

“Love Letter From Giant.” Yemassee.


“Half Hexagonal World.” New Delta Review, Issue 11.2, Middle Page. (Spring 2021)

“Ultimate Sun Cell.” New Delta Review, Issue 11.2, Bottom Page. (Spring 2021)

“Winter Is A Difficult Hospital.” New Delta Review, Issue 11.2, Top Page. (Spring 2021)

“Rules Of Gargantua.” Witness, (Spring 2021)

“Blue River Myrrh.” Raleigh ReviewIssue 11.1 (Spring 2021)

“Lavender Sequence.” Meridian, Issue 45 (Spring 2021)

“House Of Endurance.” Bellevue Literary Review, Issue 40, (Spring 2021)

“Ode To Earthly Creatures.” Group Chat Review, Issue 3, (Spring 2021)

Three Poems. Anti-Heroin Chic, Issue 19 (Spring 2021)


“Ode To Endless Night.” Gordon Square Review, Issue 7 (Fall 2020) *Nominated for the 2021 Pushcart Prize

“The Heart As Parabola.” Ruminate Magazine, Issue 57: Mend (Fall 2020)

“First Memory.” Dryland Literary Journal (Fall 2020) *Nominated for the 2021 Pushcart Prize

“Vitamin Factory.” Oyez Review, Issue 47 (Spring 2020)

“A Good Citizen Is A Hawk.” Gyroscope Review, Issue 20-2 (Spring 2020) *Nominated for the 2021 Pushcart Prize

“Monologue Of…” Death Rattle, (Spring 2020) *Nominated for 2020 Best of the Net

“You Start To Grow Old.” New Ohio Review, (Spring 2020)


“The Mountains Are Laughing.” The Florida Review. (Forthcoming 2021)

“Robinson Square.” decomp journal. (Forthcoming 2021)

“Circles At High Noon.” Dryland Literary Journal (Fall 2020)

“The Diver.” Ocotillo Review (Fall 2020)